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Here to deliver some Bad Luck.
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Sketch Dump: Dorks by SaberTigre
Sketch Dump: Dorks
Yay for improvement!
I guess.

I gave up on Ghirahim, aka Dark Lord Fabulous, like five minutes after I started drawing him, like please I'm tired and it's 12 am. Actually I just gave up in general.

I realyly need to start writign fanfvitonivn again because that ds what a alot odf uyo guys watch me for
can you tell how tirwed i am?
2. "People are going to fear and hate me just because of my powers."

"Hey... Hey, [Name]...! Wake up! Seriously?"

You awoke to being slapped in the face with a rather large pillow. Even though it was soft, it was effective. Lindsay hit you with it one more time, even though you were awake.

"Hey, hey, hey," you murmured, half awake. You brought your arm up to shield from any further blows. "Calm down with the pillow assault."

"Oh, finally," she said, tossing the pillow aside. "Hey, it's almost 1. I just got back from college, too. I can't believe you were still sleeping."

You groaned. "I don't know, I'm just really tired from yesterday." You turned to your right and grabbed your phone, turning it on. "What did you say the time was aga- Oh, shit."

You quickly got up and went to the bathroom, brushing your hair, then teeth. You stretched, releasing all the tension in your muscles.

"What are you in a rush for?"

"Uhh, I'm supposed to meet a friend at 2. So glad you woke me up, thanks Lin." You went back into your room and began changing into casual street clothes.

"A friend? Who?" she asked from the other side of the door.

"Oh, you know. A friend from my old college. I don't think you know her."

You heard her squeal and laugh behind the door, and you sighed. "Agh! I can't believe you found a guy! What's his name? Is he cute? How old is he? Where are you guys meeting?!"

"First of all, he's just a 'friend'. I just met him, geez. Second, how the hell am I supposed to know?"

"Wow, [Name]. Dating a guy you just met? I never thought you'd go Romeo and Juliet on me like that."

You groaned and ignored her, just finished changing. You opened the door, pushing Lindsay aside, and went back into the bathroom to put makeup on.

"Makeup? Come on, [Name]. You're just fine without it."

"Says the girl with at least a pound on herself," you said, beginning to put eyeliner on. "Come on, I want to look somewhat presentable in public."


"Not for him. For the sake of the public and its people."

"I see. Not very self confident, are we? Well," she said, checking her phone, "you still have at least 45 minutes left, so lets just watch some TV, alright?"

"Fine. But no questions, alright? I don't even like him more than an acquaintance anyway."

"Oh, [Name], you're so cute when you're stubborn."


You joined her on the couch, and decided to watch Supernatural before you left. You weren't really paying attention, as you've seen the episode about five times already, so you were doodling in your small go-to sketchbook.

"Dude, Dean is like, super hot," Lindsay said. "Actually, Sam is really good-looking too. Hey, [Name], is your guy like that too?"

You stared at her for a second, then resumed back to your sketching. "Make sure Neil doesn't catch you saying things like that about other men."

"Yeah, yeah. He already knows anyway, and it doesn't bother him. He knows I love him anyway. Hey, [Name], is-"

"Is my guy like that too?" You finished her question, already expecting it. "Sure. Whatever makes you happy." You checked your phone. "Oh, look at the time, I have to go now. Bye, Lindsay. I hope you have a great day to yourself."

You stood up and left the apartment, hearing Lindsay shout, "Have fun!"

Upon arriving at Olaf's, you almost immediately saw Delsin leaning against the building with his phone in his hand. He caught sight of you and did a small wave, then approached you.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll call you back later," he said, then putting his phone away. "Hey, you're early."

"Says the guy who's already here."

He was about to say something, but decided against it. "Well, I just happened to be here anyway."

"Alright, fair point. Now, shall we?"

"Woah, woah. I said we were just meeting at Olaf's. Didn't mean we were gonna go in and eat."

"..." You stared at him. "I haven't had breakfast, nor lunch. Are you serious?"

"No, I'm just joking, come on." He said with a grin.

"Oh, thank god."

It smelled great inside. Seafood was definitely your favorite, there was no doubt about that. If Delsin wasn't joking before, you would probably have ditched him and ate here anyway. You were seated next to a window, Delsin across from you.

"So, what's the story behind you and your conduit powers?"

"Shh, come on, there are people with ears around," he said. "But okay. It's a weird and kinda unbelievable story."

"Oh, I doubt anything's ever too unbelievable."

"Oh, you'd be surprised," he said, with a light chuckle. "So it all started out when I spray painted all over my brother's face on a billboard," he said casually.

"You spray painted over your brother's face?!"

"Yeah, you wanna see a pic of it?" he asked with a grin, taking his phone out.

"Sure," you said with a laugh.

He flipped his phone over so the screen faced you. The picture was of a billboard with a man's face on it, clearly painted all over. You couldn't help but laugh. It was creative, even if it was vandalism. Plus, it probably took a lot of time and effort.

"Well that's certainly one way to use your talents," you said, studying the picture with awe.

He laughed, putting his phone away. "This is only one of the many stencils I do."

"The more I think about it, graffiti and spray painting like that probably requires a lot of skill."

He shrugged. "Just something I enjoy doing. Anyway, so because of that, and the fact that he's a cop, I had to retreat and all. I made my way to the longhouse, you know, to establish an alibi and totally get away with it all. But he found me anyway. Would be in jail right now if that truck hadn't come crashing."

"Truck...? Wait, that sounds familiar..."

"Oh, you know, just a truck that was escorting the escaped conduits."

"The truck on the way to Curdun Cay?!"


"Damn," you said. You thought about that for a while. Many people, including Lindsay were panicking about three conduits on the loose the day news got out. To think that Delsin was there when they escaped was shocking.

"And then that's when it happened. I touched and made direct contact with one of the conduits, and for some reason, ended up with his powers. I'm a goddamn sponge."

"Wait, that's possible?"

"I didn't think so until now. I swear, I was just a regular guy before."

"I don't know if I can believe you... I mean, nothing like this has ever happened before, at least naturally. I don't know if I can classify you as a Prime conduit or like DUP troops who got their powers because of science and crap."

"I didn't expect you to believe," he said shrugging. "My past doesn't matter anyway. People are going to fear and hate me just because of my powers."

"... I'm sure that's not true," you objected. "You can show the people that you can use your powers for good intentions."

"Easier said than done," he said. "Again, it's pre-registered bullshit that corrupts everyone. Who's idea was it to decide that all conduits were bad guys in the first place?"

"Good question..." It really made you think. Maybe this could lead to something big- something that can change Seattle and the way everyone lived. Perhaps conduits could coexist with regular humans without conflict one day.

"Hey, I hear they're hiring here," Delsin said, tilting his head towards a 'Now Hiring' sign.

"Wow, I wonder where you heard that from." You glanced at the sign and then back at him, who just shrugged.

"Go for it."

"Will do," you said, standing up to go find a waitress or waiter. You spotted a woman with her Olaf's uniform on and made your way to her, squirming through a few people. "Excuse me?"

She turned around carefully, trying not to drop the tray of dishes she was holding. "Yes?"

"Umm," you said nervously. "I noticed your sign at the front door and was wondering what kinds of jobs you were offering."

'Actually, Delsin noticed,' you thought.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, almost dropping her tray. You held your arms up from reflex, just in case they do fall.

"Woah, I'm sorry."

"No, no, it's my fault!" she said, regaining her self and composure. "So, yes, we are hiring, actually. Well, of course you know that already. We just need a few more waiters and waitresses, is all. Go ahead back to your seat and I'll send a manager to your table."

"A-alright then," you said, rather relieved. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes, of course, I was just taken aback," she said nodding her head in thanks. "I'll be off now."

You returned to your seat, finding Delsin on his phone. He looked up, saying, "That was fast."

"Yeah, they're sending a manager over here to talk about it," you said, sitting back down.

"It's a pretty nice place to work at," he said, looking up at all the neon lights and decor. "What job?"

"Just a waitress," you said, shrugging. "I think that'd be best, though. I don't know how to do anything else."

"Oh, I'm sure that's not true," he said. "You go to college, right?"


"What courses?"

"Uh, a few architectural and artsy stuff. Um, I once took a home ec. class."

"Well, there you go. You could get design jobs- fashion designer, interior design, all that."

You shrugged. "Never been a building or clothing fanatic."

"Or you could just be like me," he said with a smug grin, leaning back.

"A delinquent? Sorry, Del, I don't roll like that."

"No, I didn't think you rolled at all."

"Cocky now, are we?"

"Sorry, that's just how I am." He continued to smile to himself, staring down at his phone.

"What are you doing? Pretending that your phone is more interesting than I am to make yourself look cool?"


"Wow," you said. "So this is your true nature, huh?"

"Sorry, are you unimpressed?"

You laughed. "Of course not."

"Hey," said a voice. You turned to your left to see a man dressed in black.

"I assume you're the manager?" you asked, although just realizing his name tag had the word "Manager" on it.

"That would be correct," he said with a slight smile. "And what would your name be?"

"[Name]," you answered, shaking his hand. "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise. Now if you just leave your email here," he said, placing a small notepad in front of you, "I can email you with all the information you need."

You nodded, picking up the pen next to it and writing your email down.  You then handed the notepad and pen back to him, and he took it, looking it over.

"Thanks. Have a nice rest of your visit." He said, leaving.

Delsin stood up, and you tilted your head. "You paid already?"

"Yeah." he said, gesturing towards the bill left on the table. "I paid while you were gone talking to that waitress."

"Ah, okay," you said, relieved. For some reason, you had expected him to have not paid, or to have made you pay. He wasn't as bad as you thought.

You stood up as well, following him outside of the restaurant. His phone began ringing, and you wondered if it was the same person he was talking to before you just met up with him. "Ehh..." he groaned, staring down at his phone's screen with an unamused expression. "What the hell does he want..? Sorry, [Name], I'll catch you later."

"That's fine," you said, watching as he walked into an alley, picking up his phone.

It was surprising. The whole time you were having lunch with him, you completely forgot that he was a conduit. He was literally like any other human. Maybe the same applied to all the other conduits who were accused of being monsters or terrorists. You had a feeling things were going to change in Seattle pretty soon.
So I've been a little ignorant of my deviantART! :iconimsorryplz:

Just a little message, first, to those that read my Shingeki no Kyojin fanfiction here:

So! I actually write on another website. Like a lot. On WattPad, that is. The thing is, if you go to my profile (…), you'll see that I have a LOT of stories that need updating. But it's an easier way to tell if I've updating Turquoise, as well (…).

So, if you're actually interested in my works (which I doubt a lot of you are XD), I think just following me on WattPad would be easier. ^_^ 


Since I've decided to aspire to become some kind of designer in my near future, might as well getting as much practice as I can with my art. Which means I'll try uploading as much as I can. ^_^ If I can get my hands on a scanner, that is. (And by get my hands on, I mean actually not being lazy enough to walk into my sister's room to do it)

I won't be able to do anything this week, with a project I've barely started due in less than a week! :(

So, that's pretty much it. I'll try to be more active, I promise!

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Kalel Kirschtein
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi, I'm BANANA BUTT (no really i risurhufiseifsf), but you can call me Saber~ ^^
I enjoy anime, video games, Vocaloid, and stuff like that.
My sister is ~eeveetales ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I mostly draw on paper, but on computer, I use Autodesk Sketchbook~ :D
I also roleplay, and create fanfics. I especially love Bleach, Shingeki no Kyojin, Kill la Kill, Nagi no Asukara, and Chu2koi.
I hope you enjoy whatever I post, and please criticize, suggest, recommend, and definitely make requests.

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